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Our focus includes:

• Basic & Preventative Healthcare
• Covid 19 Response
• Disaster Response

• Marketplace Outreach
• Nutrition

• Sanitation
• Education

COVID-19 Response

The Haitian Health Ministry licensed the Clinic to have a day clinic.

Due to the increased need for extended care, places several areas in the Clinic were set up for day care services.

This allows the staff to provide IV fluid for those requiring hydration.

Wound Care

The August 2021 earthquake drastically increased the need for wound care.

Nearly 80 medical facilities were damaged or shut down creating a demand for more services.

A wound care nurse was hired to enhance the clinic’s wound care services, providing more specialized wound healthcare and preventing infection.

wound care
blood pressure screening

Blood Pressure Screening

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, one clinic nurse setup a free BP screening station at the local market once a week. Villagers with high BP were encouraged to follow up with a visit at the clinic itself.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic started, villagers are encouraged to come to the clinic to get their BP checked free of charge.

Scholarships for local school children

For the last 10 years, HHN has contributed scholarships to children going to primary school in the village of Beaulieu, following recommendation by their teachers.

local children
Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

Volunteers among the villagers act as emergency response liaisons, maintain first aid kits and stretchers at key locations in the village, and follow regular emergency response training at the clinic.